Popular, classic lamp returns...

We are relaunching Vilhelm Wohlert's beautiful and unusual lamp from 1957. The lamp is called The Mushroom, and originally this model was created as part of the decor for the honorary residence in Copenhagen of Nobel Prize Winner, Niels Bohr. 

Unique handicrafts traditions

The Mushroom is a wall lamp with a wall mount made of untreated light oak. The pleated shades hand-folded by our Pleating Technicians in Odense, highlight our DNA. Indeed, the very first LE KLINT lamp was a pleated lamp shade which had been hand-folded. 

The Mushroom with a fine brass tube and a base of untreated light oak. ​

The Mushroom 

Vilhelm Wohlert's classic has been named The Mushroom. It is of course the shape of the lamp that inspired the name. 

The shade of the wall lamp's screen has similar characteristics to those of a fungus, hence the name The Mushroom. 

About Vilhelm Wohlert

Vilhelm Wohlert (1920-2007), an architect and a professor, was trained at the Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, where he was a student of Kaare Klint. 

In this picture, the architect and man behind the Model 204 is caught in a thoughtful moment. 

Vilhelm Wohlert was employed at the Academy of Fine Arts as a professor of architecture from 1968-86 and was appointed as an honorary member of the same in 2001.

His most significant works include the renovation of the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Louisiana, the Bochum museum, the Gustav Lübcke museum as well as a string of other constructions and restorations.

He was furthermore awarded the academy's small gold medal, the Eckersberg medal, the award from the Society for Construction and Landscape Culture (Selskabet for Bygnings- og Landskabskultur) as well as a number of other honours.

He founded his own architectural company in 1945.

The Mushroom - Model 204

Design Vilhelm Wohlert (1957)

Light oak with a hand-folded lampshade.
Dia. 27 - H. 24 - W. 26 cm  
Recommended Retail Price: 472,-

Model 204 is ready to be delivered.