Find the very best Christmas gift for your loved ones. We've gathered a few gifts that will help you pick "that extra something"

The perfect gift for your mum

The woman who taught you everything deserves something special. We have found an iconic classic, Model 306, designed by Kaare Klint in 1945.

With its tilt function, it easily converts from a wall lamp to a table lamp, and vice versa. This means that the lamp can be converted in line with changing needs in interior décor.

Model 306 designed by Kaare Klint in 1945. 

Gift for the design-conscious dad

Show your father he's the best by gifting him this classic lamp, Model 368, designed by Flemming Agger in 1979. It is produced in powder-painted black. Tilt the top section of this classic and timeless lamp for the perfect reading lamp.

Model 368 designed by Flemming Agger. 

The brilliant gift for teens and young adults

Give the young adults something memorable. They would love to receive a gift of design that will last. 

ARC Collection designed by Manér Studio would be an appreciated gift with its elegant urban chic designer lighting collection with a simple yet understated sophiscation.

ARC Table lamp by Manér Studio. 

The fabulous present for your sister

Get your sister a gift she'll adore...

Our brand-new table lamp, Model 375, will definitely put a smile on her face. Model 375 is an eye-catching adaptation of one of our classic pendants, Model 107, which was created in 1942 by Esben Klint.

Model 375 designed by LE KLINT's own team & Esben Klint. 

An awesome gift for your brother

If you need a present for the brother who has everything, you should check this out...

Upgrade your brother's room, apartment or house with this playful and sophisticated design. Markus Johansson inspiration from 17th century ship cannons as he created the lamp series CARRONADE. He has transformed gunpowder and cannonballs into modern lighting technology in synch with 21st century contemporary and Nordic lighting designs.

CARRONADE Table/Wall lamp designed by Markus Johansson. 

Great gift for the young couple

Finding a gift for two people can be difficult... Give them a design lamp that will help them build their home. The original Sax Lamp is a true classic. It was designed by Erik Hansen in 1952 and available in different woods. 

They'll both love the classic Sax lamp designed in 1952. 

The best gifts for your partner

Get your wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend something special - a unique combination of craftsmanship and modern design. CACHÉ means hidden in French. This is beautifully symbolized by the almost hidden handfolded lampshade that elegantly has been integrated to reveal the unique DNA of a classic LE KLINT lamp.

The CACHÉ collection is manufactured in a sleek contemporary design with LE KLINT's well known high quality craftsmanship where all parts are produced in Denmark. 

If you just love Danish design... 

We have gathered a list of popular designs that appeal to everyone, if you would just like to add a Danish design item to your home or gift others:

LAMELLA Ceiling lamp: The talented duo Hallgeir Homstvedt and Jonah Takagi have designed the popular LAMELLA collection. This formal pleated structure when paired with a soft yet concise silhouette drives the design of this lighting family. Simplicity, subtle curved lines, pure white light - all key components of how this beautiful modern design will quickly transform into a timeless classic.

LAMELLA Ceiling lamp can also be used as a wall lamp. 

If you would like to decor your home with a true lighting sculpture, you should choose PLIVERRE Chandelier. The chandelier has a very modern expression with the draped cords that adds a kind of ferocity
to the otherwise very rigorous base and sharply cut shades.

PLIVERRE Chandelier and Floor lamp designed by Christian Troels in 2018. 

The shades are cut in a 45-degree angle to emphasis the direction of the light and to enhance the characteristics of the design. In the meeting between the black and white, Christian Troels has added brass elements to soften the contrasted design. The brass also adds a more elegant expression to the pendant as the shade appears longer and slimmer. 

PLIVERRE Pendants can be used everywhere in the home. 

SWIRL Table lamp is a perfect gift for the creative soul due to its unusual design, unique shape and spirals with a clear reference to Scandinavian tradition. 

SWIRL Table lamp designed by Øivind Slaatto. 

MUTATIO is an ideal design for your living room and home office. The iconic lamp inspired by transformation and minimalistic geometry won best design for lighting at the 2014 Interior Design Awards Show held in Copenhagen.

MUTATIO is available as a table and a wall lamp. 

Model 325 is a beautiful wooden floor lamp. This classic masterpiece in light oak was designed by Vilhelm Wohlert as early as 1957. The transverse piece can be adjusted in height. The angle and the lamp head can be tilted which makes this the ideal reading lamp.

Model 325 is a graceful wooden reading lamp. 

Best Christmas wishes, 


LE KLINT Model 306 Table Brass Standard

LE KLINT Model 306 Table Brass Standard

EUR 902.00
LE KLINT Model 368

LE KLINT Model 368

EUR 902.00
Model 375 - Small table lamp - Standard shade

Model 375 - Small table lamp - Standard shade

EUR 482.00
CARRONADE Table/Wall Black

CARRONADE Table/Wall Black

EUR 692.00
LE KLINT SAX 223 - 2/17 - Light oak with standard shade

LE KLINT SAX 223 - 2/17 - Light oak with standard shade

EUR 719.00
LAMELLA Model 235 - Aluminium

LAMELLA Model 235 - Aluminium

EUR 629.00


EUR 419.00
SWIRL Table Lamp

SWIRL Table Lamp

EUR 520.00
MUTATIO Model 353 Table Lamp

MUTATIO Model 353 Table Lamp

EUR 771.00
MUTATIO Model 253 Wall Lamp

MUTATIO Model 253 Wall Lamp

EUR 839.00