3 Days of Design - 1. to 3. june 2017

Visit LE KLINT´s Flagship Store and showroom in Copenhagen and see classic and iconic lighting products and our brand new lampdesigns.

Our flagship store established in 1943 still resides at its original address – Store Kirkestræde - DK-1073  Copenhagen K.

We continually recreate the space to invoke an organic environment that is aware of the current changes in trends and shopping patterns. We do our utmost to exhibit a mix of our classic and modern products, with a fair balance of our traditional lamps, while instilling the history of LE KLINT and our lighting DNA. These important factors are part of what we strongly believe, plays a very important role in keeping us aware of what we want for our customers every time they enter our shop doors to begin their LE KLINT shopping experience.

Looking forward to see you.


Store Kirkestræde 1 · 1073 Copenhagen K

Opening hours:

Thursday 1. june 2017: 10 - 18

Friday 2. june 2017: 10 - 18

Saturday 3. june 2017: 10 – 16

Press & Information:

Marketing Manager

Søren Andersen

Mobil +45 2673 9691

Mail sa@leklint.dk