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Whenever another magical season descends upon us, the most natural thing to do – is to embrace it. I am always touched at how so many can become one, corresponding as an international community of generousity and kindness, through the simplicity of mutual understanding and design. This was… and still is, the objective of The Love & Light Project…  and my heartfelt thanks continually goes out to all who supports us, whether that is via social media, lending a helping hand, donating something or buying a SEASONAL product.

I will continue to do my best to represent our humanitarian spirit, by selecting beautiful timeless designs and of course, endeavor to be an ambassador of Love & Light, whenever and wherever possible. 

On behalf of those without a voice… Thank you… for your ongoing support.

The Creator and Founder of The Love & Light Project, Isa Dawn Whyte Jensen. 

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The Love & Light Project - NOW IN JAPAN !!!

I am very happy to announce that The Love & Light Project is now operational in Japan!

Our fantastic partners Scandex in Tokyo, has always been very willing and open to cooperate with LE KLINT where they can and are now continuing the good work of encouraging people to spread love and light around Japan.  

We are excited to give our support to [NPO Shine On!] Kids]…

to try and make life easier where possible, for children with cancer and serious illnesses around Japan and their families. [NPO Shine On!] Kids have a fantastic program. You can see more on the Official Japanese website

The process is the same, where you buy the recommended product and a donation will be made. A variety of design companies and department stores around the country have stocked LE KLINT to help bring awareness to children with serious illnesses and cancer patients.  

A big Domo Arigato Scandex from The Love & Light Project Denmark - we will give you our full support and we wish you every success with this new adventure..!!!

Here is just a tiny section from the list of companies involved:


Scandex Online Store (for items handled by the Online Store only)

Scandex Matsuya Ginza 

Scandex Daimaru Sapporo 



HighBridge Odakyu Shinjuku


8F, Main Building, 1-1-3 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo



Highbridge Nihonbashi Takashimaya


7F, 2-4-1 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo



The Love & Light Project symbolizes love, light and charity. Every year a percentage of each product from the SEASONAL Collection sold, goes towards charitable aid to help someone or an organization in need, regardless of gender, race or residence. 

New designs from our SEASONAL Collection. 

Displaying a SEASONAL design in your home symbolizes that you have donated to The Love & Light Project, as well as having a sustainable LE KLINT design that can be used all year round, every year. 

A Jamaican girl wearing The Love & Light Project T-shirt. 

Give a heart to a friend and have a heart for a stranger

The Love & Light project began in 2012 when Isa Dawn Whyte Jensen, the creator and founder, fell in love with an old Scandinavian tradition and turned a collection of HEARTS into a charity. 

Isa Dawn Whyte Jensen's interpretation of the Danish Christmas heart, the very first design of the SEASONAL Collection

5 LITTLE HEARTS by Isa Dawn Whyte Jensen. 

Star and Angels

Tine Mouritsen's designs for The Love & Light Project are created and produced in the same principles as our hand-pleated lampshades. 

The beautiful Snowflake by Tine Mouritsen comes in four sizes. 

Love & Lights Projects

Give A Heart to a Friend and Have A Heart for A Stranger 2020

The year 2020 had a rough beginning for everyone. Corona virus changed our daily routines, so there were no possibility of an international donation this year. Regardless of these new restrictions, The Love & Light Project managed to help a small local community, who takes care of a beach on the island of Fyn in Denmark. They have been trying for years to get sponsorship of any kind, for a heart starter in the area.

While social media exposed to the world, the horrors of how black American people were being brutally attacked and killed by the Police in the USA, which sparked a universal anti-Racism protest around the world, The Love & Light Project gathered local volunteers, to install 2 Heart Starters/ Defibrillators donated, to help save lives... regardless of Race Religion Gender or Class. 

We hope that we will never have to use them but very happy if they do… save a life.

Sustainability with a smile

The little things and the Joy they bring...

The corona virus has changed how we navigate amongst each other, around our local communities and even worldwide, but The Love & Light Project always finds a way if the cry for help touches my heart and sometimes, it’s the little things that can bring the greatest joy.

This little rescue mission came from a conversation with Julie Thinesen a local mother of two little girls, who lives in Munkebo Fyn Denmark. It was a personal request but I took it a step further.

She informed me how the kinder-garden that her children attended had very limited funds for supplies towards development of the children’s cognitive skills. This is where they would learn how to use scissors to cut out random shapes pictures photos, follow a straight line, paste things together, make a story through pictures, art and all that fun stuff 3 – 5 year olds do all day long at kinder-gardens.

Julie was hoping that I had some out dated or old magazines at home that I could donate to the kinder-garden for the children’s playtime. She was asking around to see what could be collected as a cost free alternative. The kinder-garden was so desperate they would accept anything.

So…  I decided to take a trip around the offices of LE KLINT sacrificed my lunch break, hijacked one of the company’s vans, grabbed two of our sales staff Thomas and Michael, as volunteers for a couple of hours and off we went on a sustainable recycling mission that to our surprise, on arrival, were three kinder-gardens.

Himmelblå, Columbus and Solbakken   Blue sky Columbus and Sunny Hill kinder-gardens. We informed the carers in advance, before we arrived, that we were all corona virus free and did our best to sanitize our hands and abide by the social distancing rules as best we could.

To See the outcome of this cute little story click on the photos and videos below.

Columbian Christmas Surprize Project 2019

Why San Basilio de Palenque

Like all the other causes in the past The Love & Light Project reached out to this community because it simply touched my heart.

I believed this village was a perfect candidate to receive a donation from The Love & Light Project.  

It is amazing that an African village in Latin America, 150 km away from any modern day facility, such as a shop pharmacy a doctor a hospital or even a fast food stand, can still manage to survive and sustain their language, culture and their heritage, outside of the continent of Africa.

The residents of San Basilio de Palenque instil joy passion and pride into their children, while teaching them sustainability, being one and respectful of nature by way of recycling, upscaling old things into new and that a positive future is inevitable, if they continue to be good boys and girls in school.

Storytelling music and dance are major influences of the educational system in this village. They focus on values such as, respect kindness and consideration for others, as being more important in life, than having the latest gadgets… However, a gift is always welcomed and enthusiastically accepted.

Appreciation for life health and the basic necessities can help make tomorrow a better brighter day. The Love & Light Project’s quest for 2019 was to bring some Christmas cheer to this community, making sure that every child present, did not leave empty handed. 

San Basilio De Palenque has a very relevant and positive message for us all ... Never judge a book by its cover, be happy and grateful regardless of the cards that life has dealt you because you never know who is watching and what changes that can bring.

Veterans home, Odense 2019

The newly built Veterans Home (a centre for ex military service personnel) in Odense was officially opened by Crown Prince Frederik on 7 March 2019. 

The centre's purpose is to create a safe and secure place where ex service personnel and their family members can meet, socialise and share stories and memories about their shared experiences in the armed services. The modern building can be used by all, including those who require care and support. It is a centre aimed at making the "return home" experience a pleasant one. 

At LE KLINT, we believe it is our duty to look after those people who were sent out around the world to protect us. We are very proud that through The Love & Light Project, we were able to provide all of the lighting in the Veterans Home, helping to make the centre a comforting and relaxing place for ex military personnel and their family members. 

To learn more about Veterans Home Odense, click here (Danish site). 

The LAMELLA pendants hang beautifully in the Veterans Home. 

Jamaica 2017

In June 2017, the Love & Light project sent a 40 foot container filled with school furniture and equipment to three schools and a kindergarten in Portland in Jamaica. The area suffered extreme and widespread damage during hurricane Sandy in 2012.

LE KLINT’s employees prepare the furniture for shipment. The furniture was sent by container to three schools in Jamaica. 

Fundraising 2016

2016 was a year of lectures at LE KLINT, outdoor concerts and sales activities on our SEASONAL Folds to raise funds and support for the Jamaica charity for 2017.

Isa Dawn Whyte Jensen & her band Fyns Finest held a charity concert in support of Jamaica. 

Christmas 2015

This year the Love & Light project reached out to The Royal Ballet School in Odense, Fyn and supported their free for all Christmas show at City Hall. We gave stage lighting, helped with costumes for the dancers and I even gave myself and sung some songs in the show. We especially helped one young dancer with great promise as a prima ballerina. Elena Praastrup Nielsen.

Her journey to school every day was over 2 hours by train from Esbjerg to Odense. The expense of her school fees and the increase on her travel expenses was too much pressure on the family economy, who had applied for grants and asked for help from different agencies, as The Royal Ballet Copenhagen were very interested in Elena, but she had to complete her studies before she could even audition to advance her studies. The Love & Light project surprised Elena with a big donation which allowed her to continue to pursue her dreams... currently in Amsterdam.

The most beautiful combination of elves and costumes made of lampshades were included in the Christmas show of The Royal Ballet School in Odense. 

”SEE ME” Campaign 2015

10.000 children on the Danish island Funen stand alone with problems such as loneliness, abuse, violence and poverty. To create more awareness about these problems, Ungdommens Røde Kors and Trygfonden launched the “SEE ME” campaign. The Love & Light project supported the campaign with a DKK 50.000 donation. Founderr Isa Dawn Whyte Jensen, stated 'it is important to support internationally as well as locally, and to especially give priority to getting the aid directly to the people who need it than to administration and other costs'. 

Operation Dagsværk 2014

Wednesday, November 5th students from the country's secondary schools participated in Operation Dagsværk, a Danish fundraising project for people in need locally as well as globall. LE KLINT gave a helping hand by hiring High school students from Odense Cathedral School to hand out The Love & Light Project leaflets to the city's shops and offices. 

Project supported in 2013

Minerva Women's Centre London, is a charity organization staffed by women who works diligently to help both reform women who have committed crimes and women who are victims of violence or negligence.

Care packets were donated to women at the Minerva Women's Centre in London in 2013. 

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