Entrepreneur Tage Klint established LE KLINT in 1943. However, this story dates back another 40 years, when Tage Klint's father, architect P.V. Jensen-Klint, created a hand-pleated lampshade to fit onto a paraffin lamp he himself had also designed.

Years later, the lamp-shade was refined by the addition of an elastic collar which changed Tage Klint’s designs from a hobby to a business. Here is where he incorporated his daughter’s name, Le as part of the Company’s official name and logo which we know today as LE KLINT.

Since then, Klint family descendants had also created designs, using the special hand pleating technique, but strictly for LE KLINT lighting. This unique folding and pleating handcraft is still in use today by way of our expert Pleating Technicians, as the heart and soul of most of our lighting designs.

LE KLINT has a vast classic collection that includes iconic designers  Poul Christiansen, Kaare Klint, Tage Klint and Andreas Hansen alongside more contemporary modern range from younger designers with a more visual futuristic ideas, such as Markus Johansson, Christian Troels, Øivind Slaatto and Aurélien Barbry to name a few.

The LE KLINT collections are so popular that they can now be found in more than 40 countries.

CALEO is one of our latest contemporary designs. 

Our Pleating Studio and Production facilities are located in Odense, Denmark.