LE KLINT collaborates with the designer Rikke Frost in a TV project for the Danish Broadcasting Corporation.

Denmark is known around the world for its skilled designers and creators, its beautiful designs and "Made in Denmark". In the series of TV-programmes, "Danmarks næste klassiker" (Denmark's next classic), five designers compete to create Denmark's next classic within six categories.

As part of the third challenge, the contestants were challenged to create a beautiful lamp that could hang over a dining table.

Danish lamp-classics already include world famous creations from, for example, PH, LE KLINT and Verner Panton, so the contestants are following in the footsteps of giants. It was obvious how difficult this was for the designers, who, over the course of the process, were challenged more than ever before.

Cooperation with Rikke Frost

LE KLINT assisted the designer Rikke Frost in the work on her project for the competition.

In spite of the very short time available, Rikke has succeeded in creating a lamp that is contains both innovative and familiar features.

The classic folding handicraft is, unsurprisingly, a significant part of the design, and the lamp is an obvious choice for placing above the dining table, with its ability to both gather and spread the light relative to the number of people around the table.

It was a pleasure to be allowed to participate in the project, and we very much enjoyed working with Rikke and helping her bring her ideas to life.