The origins of GALAXY can be traced back to the middle of the last century, both in terms of shape and folding technique.

That was when Poul Christiansen introduced a revolutionary folding method, which made it possible to fold by hand according to curved lines, best illustrated by Model 172 Sinus. Poul Christiansen has explored the possibilities of this folding technique ever since, and GALAXY is his latest creation.

Recognition of a lifelong collaboration

LE KLINT CEO Kim Weckstrøm Jensen, about the lifelong partnership with architect and designer Poul Christiansen:

Poul has been particular important for LE KLINT and our long design journey. A lifelong collaboration, where his visionary thinking and ideas have been transformed into lamps which have become design icons in the minds of many people in Denmark and abroad. 

Poul’s lamps are more contemporary than ever, and we have just celebrated the 50th anniversary of Model 172 Sinus, which was originally launched in 1971. Now in 2022, we can very proudly present the latest design from Poul Christiansen – his completely new pendant lamp series GALAXY, which we will launch on the market in March.

GALAXY takes the same folding principles but manages to be completely unique. An elegant pendant lamp series that has already been widely praised and for which we have great expectations.

GALAXY is available in two sizes where folded shades conceals a brass suspension discreetly attached to a textile cord.

Model 177, small, H. 25 x Dia. 50 cm, RRP Euro 444,-
Model 177, large, H. 27 x Dia. 70 cm, RRP Euro 587,-
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