Together with Scandex Japan and as a part of LE KLINT's 70 years anniversary, LE KLINT presents the latest news at the fair "Interiorlifestyle" in Tokyo in the period 5th-7th June 2013.

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SWIRL - new series of lamps

Design: Øivind Alexander Slaatto

As a child, Øivind Slaatto knew what he wanted. He was going to be a musician like his father. But after countless sketches on the blackboards in the academy of music, he chose to become a designer instead of a musician.
In February 2013, Øivind Slaatto visited LE KLINT for the very first time. He brought with him models for a new series of lamps, called Swirl, which will be his debut as a LE KLINT designer.
Despite a clear reference to the classic design and craftsmanship of LE KLINT, the Swirl line is something new. The transparency and shape of the lamp, as well as the spiral lamellae that disperse the light, provide excellent lighting for all uses and the lamp becomes an esthetical pleasure in the room.
Swirl will be produced in different shapes and sizes, thereby making it well suited for both home and the work place.
In 2012, Øivind Slaatto presented his first work as a designer, with the award-winning speaker, BeoPlay A9, from Bang & Olufsen.

Two of the Swirl lamps, in company with the designer Øivind Slaatto.

Moomin - the Lamp

Design: Aurelien Barbry

The Moomin lamps, design: Aurelien Barbry, © Moomin Characters™

The popular Moomin characters are now also becoming lamps.
LE KLINT is launching two new ranges with Moomin characters.
Pendant and wall lamp designed by Aurélien Barbry. With its crooked and subtle smile, the Moomin character and lamp will be a fun and charming piece of decor in many children’s rooms. Together with the lamp comes a book where Moomin is planning his birthday.

Moomin – nye inderskærme til UnderCover

Design: Philip Bro Ludvigsen and Tove Jansson

UnderCover Decorations shades with Tove Janssons illustrations, © Moomin Characters™
For the popular UnderCover lamps, designed by Philip Bro Ludvigsen, a series of new interchangeable innershades will be launched, based on Tove Jansson’s fascinating stories and illustrations from the Moomin universe.


Design: Christian Troels

We are proud to introduce Christian Troels as new member of the LE KLINT design family. Christian represents the new generation of young and dynamic designers, recently graduated from Kolding School of Design.
With his natural ability to combine both the conceptual and technical aspect of the design process he is definitely a force to be reckoned with. MUTATIO is an iconic new design inspired by transformation and minimal geometry. It consists of a table version and a wall lamp will follow.

Christian Troels with his lamp Mutatio, which transforms from a simple tube to a beautiful lamp.