We have now expanded the popular BOUQUET series of single pendants and chandelier cluster combinations of three five and seven lampshades. THE BOUQUET design has the natural femininity of the Scandinavian lifestyle.

The complete BOUQUET series has now been enlarged and is available in medium, large and XL sizes.

Nordic Design

Within the inspirational world of flowers, Tulips resonated with designer Sinja Svarrer Damkær. While she was strolling through an Italian street market, she became mesmerized, when she saw hundreds of loosely tied tulips, displayed on the various market stalls. So many beautiful flower heads, the smells, colours, the sizes, so breathtakingly beautiful, so inspiring.

Sinja created THE BOUQUET lamp series with the intention of embracing nordic elegance and aesthetics. The combination of rustic braided flax textile electrical wires, oak details and LE KLINT precision pleating patterns, has been fused together to emphasize a softer organic expression.


THE BOUQUET chandeliers and pendants hang beautifully in any home. When they are over a dining table, they illuminate the entire surface. THE BOUQUET gives a warm ambient light when one uses a dimmer switch, to create that cozy - light glow in a corner.

THE BOUQUET series, in all its sizes, guarantees a pendant and a chandelier for every home.

THE BOUQUET chandelier with seven shades is (only) available by special order.

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