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Bee Hive - simple and refined

Design: Harrit-Sørensen

Inspired by the traditional Japanese lamps, Bee Hive is a lamp that creates natural, enveloping stillness. It can stand on a landing, by the window or simply on the floor. The designer has experimented with Le Klints traditional double cross-pleating, which in this lampshade is placed in a horizontal and zigzag fashion around the minimalist, Ponti inspired wooden frame. A romantic kinship with traditional wooden-clad beehives boxes has given rise to the name: Bee Hive.

The lampshade is made from hand-folded paper and the frame is made from oiled light oak. Bee Hive is a lamp that exudes both luxury and minimalist elegance. The lamp’s materials and manufacture are in accordance with contemporary demand for sustainability, modest use of materials, long lifetime and the ability to be repaired if necessary.

The soft and organic light produces generous illumination from all sides and from the integrated diffuser which rests beautifully on the top of the wooden frame, excellently distributing the light.

Bee Hive, with its simplicity and refinement, combines Japanese and Danish design tradition in a beautiful and timeless look, which can be used in almost any setting where light plays a central role.

  • LeKlint303_BeeHive_tablelamp_small_lightoak_packshot1Le Klint 303 Bee Hive

    Design Harrit & Sørensen 2022

    Le Klint 303 Bee Hive

    From € 699