Over the years, Le Klint has collaborated with many renowned designers, artists and architects who have designed lamps and screens.

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  • Aage Petersen

    Aage Petersen

  • Amanda Betz

    Amanda Betz

  • Andreas Hansen

    Andreas Hansen

  • Aurélien Barbry

    Aurélien Barbry

  • Christian Troels

    Christian Troels

  • Erik Hansen

    Erik Hansen

  • Esben Klint

    Esben Klint

  • Flemming Agger

    Flemming Agger

  • Gunnar Biilmann Petersen

    Gunnar Biilmann Petersen

  • Harrit & Sørensen

    Harrit & Sørensen

  • Harrit, Sørensen & Samson

    Harrit, Sørensen & Samson

  • Hvidt & Mølgaard

    Hvidt & Mølgaard

  • Isa Dawn Whyte Jensen

    Isa Dawn Whyte Jensen

  • Kaare Klint

    Kaare Klint

  • Klint Design Team

    Klint Design Team

  • Lise Navne

    Lise Navne

  • Markus Johansson

    Markus Johansson

  • Mogens Koch

    Mogens Koch

  • Peder Vilhelm Jensen-Klint

    Peder Vilhelm Jensen-Klint

  • Philip Bro Ludvigsen

    Philip Bro Ludvigsen

  • Poul Christiansen

    Poul Christiansen

  • Rikke Frost

    Rikke Frost

  • Robert Kasal

    Robert Kasal

  • Sinja Svarrer Damkjær

    Sinja Svarrer Damkjær

  • Søren Refsgaard

    Søren Refsgaard

  • Tage Klint

    Tage Klint

  • Takagi & Homstvedt

    Takagi & Homstvedt

  • Tine Mouritsen

    Tine Mouritsen

  • Tove & Edvard Kindt-Larsen

    Tove & Edvard Kindt-Larsen

  • Vilhelm Wohlert

    Vilhelm Wohlert

  • Øivind Slaatto

    Øivind Slaatto