Design by Øivind Slaatto

Unique shape and spirals with a clear reference to Scandinavian tradition

Intentionally designed to prevent unpleasant glare from all angles this unusual design allows transparency and a unique shape with spiral panels to disperses perfect light suitable for all needs. 

The designer Øivind Slaatto drew inspiration for the Swirl series from nature and basic mathematical principals. He wanted to find a way to incorporate the detail construction of a snail’s shell as well as his fascination with fractals. 

He wanted the Le Klint design and craftsmanship to be obvious when you look at the lamp. Swirl’s transparency, shape and spiral panels make references to Le Klint’s unique style and perfection that is always appropriate and aesthetically pleasurable in any room. 

Swirl is available in white and copper. The collection consist of many different models that includes pendants of various sizes, wall and ceiling lights and now a table and floor lamp.




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