Wall Lamps

The Sax Lamp was designed by Erik Hansen in 1952 and was named because of its references to a pair of scissors (DA: "Saks"). For decades this wall lamp has been one of Le Klint's most popular lamps, and to many people it has even become synonymous with Le Klint. The Sax Lamp is produced in Odense, and as with our other lamps, the focus is on good craftsmanship. 

Le Klint has a large range of wall lamps with different materials and looks to allow you to choose the perfect wall lamp for your home. 

A wall lamp from Le Klint is a good and fashionable choice for creating mood lighting in a room, but the wall lamp is particularly useful when a more functional lighting is needed. This may for example be in the bedroom, where one might need a reading light, or next to an armchair in the lounge.  

Wall Lamps
Wall Lamps



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