Design by Homstvedt & Takagi

Timeless classic design

The Lamella lighting collection is designed by the talented duo Hallgeir Homstvedt and Jonah Takagi. They were fascinated with the underside of mushroom caps and became intrigued with the delicate pleating effect, which after some research they discovered its biological name was Lamella.

This formal pleated structure when paired with a soft yet concise silhouette drives the design of this lighting family. Simplicity, subtle curved lines, pure white light - all key components of how this beautiful modern design will quickly transform into a timeless classic.

To stay true to nature’s form, the old production handicraft technique called ‘Plica’ has now been re-instated into our pleating technicians routine to create this beautiful new lighting collection.

The Lamella series is Handcrafted in Odense, Denmark. 




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