Preview - New designs for Autumn

We are excited to give you an exclusive sneak peek at our upcoming news. The team at Le Klint have been working intensively to create new, innovative lamps designed to bring warmth and elegance to your home.

Our upcoming collection of handcrafted pleated shades and high-quality lamps is designed with a focus on Danish design tradition and modern aesthetics. These new products will be available in Autumn, and we can't wait to share them with you.

A tribute to a historic relationship

Design - OEO Studio

A pendant designed by OEO Studio and produced by Le Klint for Designmuseum Danmark in connection with the comprehensive renovation of the museum two years ago.

As a tribute to Le Klints historical relationship with the museum, Celine is now in production and will be available for purchase in Autumn 2024.

Model 197 Celine

"Celine is a tribute to the museum and a thank you to Kaare Klint, who has always been a great inspiration to us due to his uncompromising, aestehetic, detailrich, timeless and grandiose expression with a touch of democratic approach."

Quote: Thomas Lykke, OEO Studio

Material: Solid brass, handfolded paper.
Size: H: 16 cm, L: 80 cm, W: 40 cm.
Recommended price ex. VAT: EUR. 1.344,-

Created by timeless design principles

Design - Pascal Hien

Model 356 Spot - Recommended price ex. VAT: EUR 391,-

With the upcoming release of Spot, we also welcome the German designer Pascal Hien into the family of Le Klint. The design collaboration that has resulted in the Spot lamp: a unique lamp characterised by its functional design, inviting movement and adjustment to meet individual lighting needs.

Spot stands out with the simple and durable materials, leaving nothing hidden. Spot can be placed on a table or on the floor, but it can also be used as a wall lamp, as an extra hang-up for Spot is included.

Spot comes in black, steel, green and red, and will be available in Autumn 2024.

Carronade II -
Popular series redesigned

Design - Markus Johansson

Carronade series, designed by Markus Johansson, has been a part of us since 2016 and has been a great success with its distinctive design.

We are now introducing Carronade II, a redesigned version that, of course, is still Made in Denmark.

Initially, the series will consist of Carronade II High Floor and Carronade II Small Pendant- both available in two versions. One in black/black and another in smoked oak/brass.

Recommended price Floor lamp ex. VAT: EUR 1122,-
Recommended price Small Pendant ex. VAT: EUR 520,-

Keep an eye on our website and social media, where we will reveal more about the exciting news in the fall. Get ready to experience unique lamp designs that blend timesless beauty with functional lighting.