Design by Erik Hansen 

The original and classic Sax lamp

Designer Erik Hansen came into contact with Le Klint when he wanted to buy a shade for a handmade lamp he had designed himself. Le Klint showed interest in this lamp, and Erik Hansen started working on further developing the product into the Sax Lamp, which still enjoys great popularity to this day.

The Sax Lamp's unique characteristics are that, like an accordion, it can be pulled out and pushed in depending on where you need the light. Furthermore, the Sax Lamp is available in both an upward and downward facing version, as well as various types of wood and combinations.

The Sax Lamp was designed by Erik Hansen in 1952. It is available in different woods - light oak, smoked oak and untreated oak.
The Sax Lamp has been copied by many but there is only one original.




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