How to find the right shade

Shade guide

Our lampshades can be used as a pendant or together with a base to become a table, floor or wall lamp.

The measurement is made directly from under the top collar of a shade to the bottom edge. If the shade has no collar, we then measure from the top edge to the bottom edge of the shade.

Cleaning and maintenance of the shades

Standard shades can be washed in lukewarm soap water and rinsed using a shower head. Please note: Le Klint paper shades cannot be washed - only clean using a brush or wipe gently with a damp cloth.

Re-establishing the elasticity of a Le Klint Shade​

Widen the larger edge of the shade then follow the instructions of how to install a frame inside shade models 1, 2 & 6 then place the shade with frame upside down on a flat surface and leave it for a few hours to re-establish the original shape and elasticity.

Reassembly of the Lampshade

  • With one hand, gently pinch the top of the lampshade together while the other hand holds the stand, and carefully pull it away from the shade. Alternatively, one person can hold and pinch the top of the shade together while the other person gently removes the stand.
  • Place both parts on a flat surface with the thicker end of the lampshade facing downwards.
  • Reattach the stand to the lamp base using the retaining ring and install the bulb.
  • Align the upper edge of the shade with both hands and snap it into place on the stand.
  • Your lamp is once again ready for use.

Light source

The wattage for Le Klint lamps can be found in the specifications of the product and in the downloadable instruction manual.

If the shade is used as a pendant, the following recommendations can be made:

Recommended wattage/lumen for lampshades:

Side length 14-17 cm: 4.5 W LED/470 lumens.
Side length 19-21 cm: 7 W LED/800 lumens.
Side length 23-38 cm: 8.5 W LED/1055 lumens.

All lampshades can be fitted with an LED light source of up to 20 W, as long as a distance of 3 cm is maintained between the shade and the light source.

Please follow recommendations for environmentally handling and disposal of light sources.

Why choose a Le Klint shade?

Danish design & quality 

Handfolded in Denmark

Long durability 

Standard shades are UV treated

Standard shades are washable 

Shades retains elasticity 

Fit to all lamp types 

Many models and sizes 

For table, floor, wall and ceiling lamps

  • LeKlint1_lampshade_25cm_packshot1Le Klint 1
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    Design Tage Klint 1942

    Le Klint 1

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  • LeKlint2_lampshade_25cm_packshot1Le Klint 2
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    Design Tage Klint 1945

    Le Klint 2

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    Design Tage Klint 1945

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