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Giving a Heart to a friend can help a stranger .. in need

Whenever another magical season descends upon us, the most natural thing to do – is to embrace it. I am always touched at how so many can become one, corresponding as an international community of generosity and kindness, through the simplicity of mutual understanding and design.

The above statement... is still the objective of The Love & Light Project… and my heartfelt thanks continually goes out to all who supports us, whether that is via social media, lending a helping hand, donating something or buying one of our Christmas products.

The Christmas Collection has its origins in The Love & Light Project. It is a way of offering something exclusive and unique to consumers who want to make something extra out of their interior design/decoration both in connection with various celebrations, and of course especially during the Christmas season.

Our Christmas Collection is made from the same material that is used for our well-known lampshades and is handmade by Le Klint's pleating technicans in the folding studio located in Odense.

To date, we have helped more than 12 different causes and whenever someone makes a purchase from our a Christmas Collection, we generate more funds to continue the humanitarian initiative to help someone. These designs are crafted from the same material used in our main lighting collections. 

On behalf of those without a voice… Thank you… for your ongoing support.

The Love & Light Project 2023
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The Love & Light Project 2023

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