The KLINT foundation

- was established in 1972 and still plays an important role in the company’s financial infrastructure.

The purpose of the KLINT Foundation, in addition to operating the business Le Klint A/S, is to provide financial support to young individuals in education within the industrial and trade sectors.

The foundation grants yearly scholarships to young, upcoming architects and designers twice a year.

Additionally, the foundation may provide support to current and former employees of Le Klint.

For applications, you can find more information at the bottom of the page.

Visions for the future

For director Jan Klint, it was crucial to ensure the company's existence.

The establishment of The KLINT Foundation was a wise and visionary move. It has secured the company's existence as a Danish workplace with a focus on craftsmanship and design.

Jan Klint's thoughts on maintaining a good working environment remain relevant and are upheld to this day.

Jan Klint continued as the director of the company until his death in 1989.

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The KLINT Foundation

- Is managed by a professional board that upholds Jan Klint's vision. In addition, the foundation actively works on the development and future-proofing of Le Klint in collaboration with the board and the company's management.

Foundation Members

The KLINT Foundation board consists of three members:

Chairman of the Board
Lars Rasmussen
Attorney-at-law (L)
Mazanti-Andersen Korsø Jensen
Law Firm Partnership

Board member
Hanne Teglhus
Master of Arts
Aarhus University

Board member
Torben Grøngaard Jepsen

Museum Director, Adjunct Professor, Ph.D., R
Odense City Museums


All inquiries regarding the foundation's work, applications for grants must be addressed directly to the secretariat by e-mail:

Write to the secretariat
Grant recipient Lise Navne with the Donut pendant

Grant recipients

Over the years, the foundation has provided significant financial support to employees and awarded grants to various young architects and designers in education. Several of them have left their mark on many of Le Klints current products. To name a few: Poul Christiansen, Poul Seest Pedersen, Flemming Agger, Christian Hvidt, Michael Bang, Philip Bro Ludvigsen, Thomas Krause, Lise Navne, Amanda Betz, and Tine Mouritsen.

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Applications to the KLINT Foundation

The KLINT Foundation primarily supports young individuals in education within trade and industry, with a focus on design and architecture.

Applications for support from The KLINT Foundation should be made by e-mail and sent to:

Grants are disbursed twice annually.

Application deadline: 15 April and 15 October. 

Applicants can expect a response time of 1-2 months after the deadline of each application deadline. If an applicant has not heard from the KLINT Foundation before these dates, it generally means that funding is not being considered for the project.

To aid processing of applications, the following documentation must be sent with every application:

  • Description of the project that the application seeks support for.
  • The reason for choosing to apply for funding from KLINT Foundation.

  • The project/objective for which funding is sought must not be initiated or have already started.

Note: As an applicant, you must be in education.

KLINT Foundation adheres to the Recommendations for Good Foundation Governance 

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Privacy policy

Notification regarding the Foundation's collection and processing of personal information in connection with applications for available grants from the KLINT foundation.

The KLINT Foundation takes personal data security seriously.

This means that we comply with rules that apply to the collection, registration, use, storage and deletion of your personal data.

Please read below to learn about our policy: