Beautiful interpretation of the Scandinavian Christmas tradition

The Love & Light Project was founded in November 2012 by Isa Dawn Whyte Jensen. She wanted to emphasize how the love for good design can be utillized by extending a helping hand to those in need of the basics in life with only pleasure and no pressure to the giver.

Isa fell in love with this Scandinavian tradition during her first Danish Christmas and had to have this beautiful interpretation made.

The lamps can be used all year round - for Christmas, Valentine's Day, birthdays, weddings - indeed, for any occasion throughout the year. The products can, for example, be incorporated into the decor of offices, hotels, and hospitals. You can even reinterpret the Christmas tradition at home. They can hang beside a painting or in a corner next to your favorite armchair.

In addition to the woven heart, the Christmas collection has since been expanded to include Stars and Snowflakes, designed by Tine Mouritsen. New products are continually being added.




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