Design Rikke Frost

Caleo Original - the lamp that was already known before its launch.

Designer Rikke Frost created this beauty in collaboration with Le Klint in response to the challenge from the popular TV show "Danmarks næste klassiker" in 2019.

The name "Caleo" comes from Latin and means "to highlight," which is precisely what the lamp does with its exquisite details. The classic folding craftsmanship has been tweaked a bit: the pattern is rotated 90 degrees, and the pleats are arranged in a new way. The lamp features a bronzed edging, linen cord, and an elegant metal suspension.

The latest addition to the Caleo series draws inspiration from the original "Caleo – Original." In the white Caleo models, the bronze edging is replaced with a cleaner style. While the Caleo family maintains a common thread, each lamp has its unique shape. They can hang together as a group or individually.

Experience the essence of timeless beauty with Caleo – a lamp series that illuminates the room and tells its own story.




  • LeKlint126_original_pendant_bronze_paper_packshot1Le Klint 126 Caleo Original

    Design Rikke Frost 2019

    Le Klint 126 Caleo Original

    € 1.988

  • LeKlint123_Caleo_pendant_white_paper_packshot1Le Klint 123 Caleo 1

    Design Rikke Frost 2019

    Le Klint 123 Caleo 1

    From € 569

  • LeKlint124_Caleo_pendant_white_paper_packshot1Le Klint 124 Caleo 2

    Design Rikke Frost 2019

    Le Klint 124 Caleo 2

    From € 935

  • LeKlint125_Caleo_pendant_white_paper_packshot1Le Klint 125 Caleo 3

    Design Rikke Frost 2019

    Le Klint 125 Caleo 3

    € 1.059

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