Lise Navne

Industrial Designer, 1979

Lise Navne is a qualified product designer from the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London. She graduated in 2006.

Lise Navne's debut for Le Klint came in 2007 with the Donut pendant. Taking classic Le Klint cross-pleating to an extreme, Lise has created a lamp that combines classical Le Klint craftsmanship and traditions with innovative design.

One cannot help but feel a certain fascination when considering the depth and richness of Kaare Klint’s legacy: More than sixty years have passed since Kaare Klint created the popular cross-pleated Fruit lamp and now a talented young designer picks up the exact pleating technique and creates a modern lamp with a design expression entirely of its own.

The lamp is commonly referred to as "Donut" in everyday conversation.

Designer Lise Navne was also inspired by the inverted round shape of its edible counterpart when she created the original version of the lamp. The lamp is available in two sizes: small (Ø 47) and large (Ø 53), both with hand-folded shades. It is entirely closed at the top and bottom with a polished steel or brushed brass plate, providing a beautiful finishing touch to the highly complex pleating.

Find ''Donut'' here