The Love & Light Project 2023

Isa Dawn Whyte Jensen, Creator and Founder of the charity The Love & Light Project, says:

"My heart beats for the vulnerable in society, especially the many lonely individuals who struggles with isolation. Being completely alone can be a conscious choice but unfortunately, for the majority, it is not...

I was so pleased that christmas 2023, The Love & Light Project could bring a little light and warmth to patients who were hospitalized and alone on perhaps the worst night of the year, Christmas, at Svendborg and Odense University Hospital (OUH).

Le Klint’s pleating technicians, administration and workshop employees devoted their time to prepare, gift wrap and transport 450 Candlelight tablelamps to both hospitals on Christmas Eve.

Alongside the hospital’s 88 ‘Visiting Friends’ volunteers, Le Klint’s CEO and I spent Christmas Eve in the various departments, distributing LE KLINT Candlelight table lamps, which were well recievd, immediately switched on and placed on the bedside table or windowsill of 450 patients, spreading a bit of light and warmth that evening and throughout the rest of Christmas. It was the perfect gift the patients could take home and a Christmas experience I will never forget.

Meeting Karina Andersen Jensen, Volunteer Coordinator for both hospitals –  was such a pleasure… A woman with a big heart and a compassionate spirit." 

"A thousand thanks all you wonderful customers who, by purchasing from our Christmas Collection, make this charity possible."


Creator & Founder of The Love & Light Project

Volunteer Coordinator at OUH, Karina Andersen Jensen states:

"Christmas Eve, in particular, but also New Year's Eve, are two evenings when it is especially difficult to be hospitalized. Common to all departments are the patients who are well enough to go home for Christmas and New Year's… they are discharged if possible, even if it is for a few hours to enjoy the evening with their family."

Karina has recruited more than 80 volunteers for the hospitals.

"Not everyone has family close by – and then there are the patients who are too ill to leave the hospital. Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve are tough evenings to be admitted, and the staff often witness that patients become saddened because of being hospitalized and in some cases no visitors. Therefore, the staff always try to do a little extra on these two days. Here is where, volunteers Visiting Friends play a significant role. Singing Christmas carols, bedside company and participating in communal meals on the wards when possible. "plays a vital role in helping to create a cozy and uplifting atmosphere.""

Our Pleating Technicians were very busy preparing and wrapping many Candlelight lamps that were donated to hospitalized patients during christmas, at both Odense and Svendborg hospital.

The Christmas gifts from The Love & Light Project were discreetly distributed by our CEO and sales staff to the various departments in the days leading up to Christmas.

It was amazing to witness the professionalism of the nursing staff and how they navigated the ward of terminally ill patients, with a smile.


Karina, Volunteer Coordinator and Svendborg & OUH Odense hospitals for allowing us into your world at a very special and difficult time of the year.

An enormous respect to all the volunteers who chose to have a ‘Heart for a Stranger’ this Christmas.

Many Thanks to my volunteering colleagues at Le Klint who gave their time and patience in-between their daily routines

– and last but certainly not least, A THOUSAND THANKS to you the Retailers representing us with your wonderful customers who, by purchasing from our Christmas Collection, continue to make this charity possible.

LOVE & LIGHT Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to us All

from Isa

Creator & Founder of The Love & Light Project

A long yet lovely Christmas Eve. The Love & Light Project's founder, Isa Dawn Whyte Jensen, reflected on this special event, which stirred up many emotions.

In addition to the many people who helped with the practical aspects, a big thank you also go to the companies:

Deslers Grafiske Hus, Daarbak Redoffice Odense, and Roliba, who supported with printing Christmas cards, wrapping paper, and ribbons for the many gifts.