Le Klint Mega 1

Design Tage Klint

Model 1 Mega

Now available in new scaled-up sizes, offering even more possibilities, especially for commercial interiors, hotels, and more.

The classic shade Model 1 was designed by Tage Klint in 1943, at the same time Le Klint was founded, and is just as beautiful and simple today as it was back then.

Model 1 is, in every way, the cornerstone of Le Klints pleated shade universe. It directly draws inspiration from the first pleating techniques developed in 1901 and has been an essential part of the product range since 1943.

The pendant series is now available in an updated version with new sizes, allowing the hand-folded pleats to shine.

The new Mega pendants are produced in sizes with diameters of 60, 70 cm, and even up to 85 cm. The suspension has also been updated, now featuring a beautifully polished brass tube and complemented by a linen cord.

As a result, the pendant complements both classic and modern Scandinavian interior styles, where simplicity and quality materials take center stage.

Tage Klint

Tage Klint, the son of P.V. Jensen Klint, was the creative entrepreneur who, in 1943, turned the Klint family's pleating business into a company. He laid the foundation for the Le Klint company.

It was Tage Klint who added the unique grip collar to the original Klint shades, which leverages the material's elasticity to hold the lamp securely on a stand. At the same time, Tage Klint designed a range of lamps, many of which are still part of Le Klint's product range.

Tage Klint was trained as a land surveyor before Thomas B. Thrige brought him to Odense in 1918 to work on the "Triangel" car factory. Like his father, Tage Klint was an industrious man who, in modern terms, was a natural-born entrepreneur. In addition to Le Klint, he also had a hand in companies like Lactosan and Sanovo in Odense, as well as a cheese factory in Ringe.

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