Le Klint design icon with more than 70 years behind it

Le Klint design icon with more than 70 years behind it

70 years ago, at Le Klint, we chose to put a new and different wall lamp into production. It was named the SAX Lamp due to its references to a pair of scissors. For decades, the wall lamp, now known as the SAX lamp, has been one of the most popular lamps in our collection, and for many, it has become synonymous with Le Klint.

What makes the SAX lamp special is that its arm, like an accordion, can be pulled out and pushed in according to where you need light. Furthermore, the sax lamp is available in both an upward and downward-facing version, as well as different types of wood and combinations.

As a tribute to this unique and iconic lamp design, a special anniversary edition of the model with an upward-facing shade has been developed in collaboration with designer Erik Hansen's descendants, where all the fine details are elevated.

It comes with brass fittings, braided linen cord, and hand-folded paper shade. Every detail has been carefully considered. The wood is untreated or smoked oak.

  • Every detail is taken care of
  • Anniversary edition in untreated oak
  • Brass details and braided linen cord

Erik Hansen

In 1952, Erik Hansen designed the first "Sax lamp" for Le Klint. The classic shade, in beautiful harmony with natural wood types, has become synonymous with Le Klint for many.

Over the years, the "Sax lamp" has been produced in various wood types, and today, the wall lamp is available in light oak and smoked oak, as well as a special anniversary edition, in untreated oak, in celebration of the design's 70th anniversary.

 While many have attempted to copy the "Sax lamp," there is only one original.

The Sax collection

The Sax lamp is available with both upward and downward facing shades and with two extension lengths, ensuring there is a lamp suitable for various needs and interior designs.