Sinja Svarrer Damkjær has further developed the popular series with a floor lamp and a super cool table lamp.

The Bouquet serie is growing

The popular Bouquet lamp, designed by Sinja Svarrer Damkjær, is now being introduced in two new versions called the Bouquet Floor Lamp and Bouquet Table Lamp.

With these two new lamps, designer Sinja wanted to add a playful interaction to the design. The Bouquet Floor Lamp has a long and slender base, which causes it to sway slightly when touched, much like a flower swaying in the fresh spring breeze. The Bouquet Table Lamp has a small recess in its base, allowing it to be used as a little dish. With the enclosed light source in both lamps, they can be used in many places, providing pleasant illumination without glare.

Sinja talks about her new design

"In 2007, I designed The Bouquet, which had references to a bouquet of flowers because the pendant was composed of several shades assembled together. With the two new versions, I have continued to work with the idea of a flower, but instead of a bouquet, it has become individual proud flowers. The solitary flower that emerges as the first sign of spring. On one hand, we want to pick it and put it in a vase, yet on the other hand, we leave it to stand and enjoy it in all its splendor in the garden."

Sinja Svarre Damkjær

Sinja Svarrer Damkjær graduated from Aalborg University as a civil engineer specializing in industrial design in 2007. For her graduation project, she drew inspiration from nature and spring flowers to create the first version of The Bouquet. Today, Sinja works as a product developer at Le Klint.

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