Classics given new life

Architect Mogens Koch would have turned 125 in 2023. His iconic pendant lamp, Model 105, is being lovingly restored to mark this occasion – still, of course, handcrafted in Denmark.

Mogens Kochs pendant played a significant role in shaping the
foundation of our iconic DNA and in defining us as a design brand today.

Model 105 was originally designed for a Danish craftsmanship exhibition in Stockholm as early as 1942. The lamp held a prominent position when Le Klint was officially established in 1943 and opened its first store in Copenhagen.

Here, Mogens Koch was responsible for the interior design, in close collaboration with Kaare Klint, who designed the furniture. The original design by Mogens Koch has been a part of the collection since then and is still handcrafted in Odense, Denmark. In honor of Mogens Koch's 125th birthday, we are introducing a new brass suspension system and two new XL versions.

Design Mogens Koch

Model 105

Mogens Koch's close association and collaboration with the Klint family led him to develop a folded lamp for Le Klint.

About Architect Mogens Koch

Mogens Koch graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. He joined as an assistant professor in 1940 and worked as a professor of architecture from 1950 to 1968. Mogens Koch is perhaps best known for his bookshelves and foldable furniture. His talents extended to the design of silver objects, and he also collaborated with his wife to produce series of carpets. Furthermore, he worked on the restoration of buildings and churches throughout Denmark. Mogens Koch was one of Kaare Klint's first students and later his closest collaborator. He was also employed by Povl Baumann and Ole Falkentorp at "Vesterport" in Copenhagen.

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