Sustainability with a smile

The corona virus has changed how we navigate amongst each other, around our local communities and even worldwide, but The Love & Light Project always finds a way if the cry for help touches my heart and sometimes, it’s the little things that can bring the greatest joy.

This little rescue mission came from a conversation with Julie Thinesen a local mother of two little girls, who lives in Munkebo Fyn Denmark. It was a personal request but I took it a step further.

She informed me how the kinder-garden that her children attended had very limited funds for supplies towards development of the children’s cognitive skills. This is where they would learn how to use scissors to cut out random shapes pictures photos, follow a straight line, paste things together, make a story through pictures, art and all that fun stuff 3 – 5 year olds do all day long at kinder-gardens.

Julie was hoping that I had some out dated or old magazines at home that I could donate to the kinder-garden for the children’s playtime. She was asking around to see what could be collected as a cost free alternative. The kinder-garden was so desperate they would accept anything.

So…  I decided to take a trip around the offices of Le Klint sacrificed my lunch break, hijacked one of the company’s vans, grabbed two of our sales staff Thomas and Michael, as volunteers for a couple of hours and off we went on a sustainable recycling mission that to our surprise, on arrival, were three kinder-gardens.