Øivind Slaatto

Industrial Designer, 1978

Øivind Slaatto graduated from Denmark's Design School in 2008. He had originally started at the music conservatory, as there was no doubt in his mind - of course he had to be a musician, just like his mother and father.

But during his music studies, he had to admit that he spent more and more time drawing lines for designs rather than notes for music on the blackboards. In the end he graduated as an industrial designer in 2008.

Øivind finds great inspiration in nature, particularly in the snail – with regard to both the construction of the snail shell and the slow pace of the snail.

In addition, the Fibonacci sequence, fractals, and other basic mathematical principles fascinate him. These sources of inspiration formed the basis for his very first design after getting his degree.

For B&O he made the loudspeaker A9, which was introduced in 2012. The same principles have inspired his new series of lamps – the Swirl. The lamps have actually been in progress ever since he completed his studies in 2008, but Øivind has worked intensely on improving and polishing the features.

His desire that light, form and function should work together to provide a handsome light experience, while the design of the lamp is quite airy, ties in very well with the Scandinavian tradition. As such, it is in complete harmony with Le Klints collection, which these lamps will now become a part of.

The lamp series - Swirl

Despite clear references to Le Klints classic design and craftsmanship, the Swirl lamp is all its own. With its transparent design language and curves that distribute the light, the lamp provides a fine utility light, and is also an aesthetic pleasure in the room.
The beautiful finish at the bottom of the lamp also makes it particularly suitable for hanging high in a room.

The lamp is designed so that there is no unpleasant glare from the light source and it is available in several models and sizes.