Amanda Betz

Designer, 1978

Amanda Taarup Betz has, since her award-winning graduation from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture in 2005, worked in the intersection of architecture, design, and art.

Alongside teaching and studio work, Amanda Taarup Betz has developed her own works and exhibited them in galleries and museums.

It was in connection with the exhibition FOLD that Amanda developed a series of folded structures, from which an early version of the lamp 'Cassiopeia' was born.

Through her experimental process, Amanda has developed a unique folding pattern with octagons in the central section.

As the first lamp in Le Klints history, there are perforations in the surfaces of the folds. These perforations create a gradation from illuminated to translucent, and a sparkling interplay of light creates a space in itself as well as it occupies the space. 'Cassiopeia' thus infuses Le Klint craftsmanship with modern technology, and with Amanda Betz's artistic approach, a perfect design is created.

Find model 150 here