Philip Bro Ludvigsen

Industrial Designer, 1962

Philip Bro Ludvigsen graduated from the Danish Design School in 1989 and has since taught at the Danish Design School and at the National Institute of Design in India.

In 1989, he established his own design studio 'philip bro'. Customers included George Jensen, Eilersen Softline, Royal Copenhagen, IKEA and the infamous Le Klint.

Since the early 1990s, he has designed many classic lamps for Le Klint, all with modern variations of Kaare and Esben Klint's famous pleated lampshades. Philip Bro Ludvigsen created Le Klint 190 Sunflower - an elegant pendant which was launched in a versatile ceiling and wall lamp versions.

A beautiful and cozy lantern that can be carried around, depending on where you wish to place it.

Candlelight quickly creates a magical ambiance in the garden or home. The dome, made of mouth-blown glass, makes the LED light reflect and plays with the illusion that it's a real candle. Candlelight is wireless and rechargeable, so it can be used again and again. The lantern is easily recharged via USB, and one charge lasts approximately 200 hours, equivalent to 5 hours of daily use for 40 days.

Find Chandlelight here

The major renewal in Le Klints cooperation with 'philip bro Design' came in 1994 when he designed the UnderCover by Lw Klint lamp series. His initial concept was to fuse old and new with a modern twist. He introduced colour and patterns onto an unpleated shade that could also be used with the existing classic lampshades. The idea developed quickly and UnderCover pendants became the perfect inner shades in different colours and patterns which can be replaced, so that one can change ones lampshade to match season, mood or decor.

Philip Bro has also designed the decorative Candlelight, which with a snap can be brought anywhere in the home where light is needed.

His latest design is the Soleil series where Philip Bro has worked even further with Le Klint traditional hand pleated lampshades, to give us a stunning design in a beautiful combination of aluminium, flax, oak wood and paper.


The beautiful pendant series Soleil, which was launched in 2020, where he has continued to work with the classic hand-folded pleated shade, now in a lovely combination with other materials such as aluminum, paper, linen, and oak.