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Carronade High Table is here

Carronade High has been fashioned into a miniature version right down to the distinctive slender tripod legs and tilting head. Carronade High Table has the exact features as the series, where Walnut wood with brass details supports a black metal head with a diffuser for optional use.

A fantastic fashionista amongst the usual Le Klint suspects.

Scandinavian Cooperation

This lamp is produced in Odense, Denmark and is the result of collaborating with Swedish designer Markus Johansson. The potential of this young designer was quickly spotted by CEO Kim Weckstrøm Jensen at one of Milan’s infamous furniture fairs where an immediate mutual understanding led to a design launch in 2015.

Ship cannon combined with contemporary design

CARRONADE High Table lamp exudes finesse and is in itself sculpted as a powerful spotlight. An ideal lamp that can be placed on a desk, a shelf, a sideboard or even on a window sill.

This model is made out of lacquered aluminum with brass and solid American walnut details.