Lise Le Charlotte Klint

Lise Le Charlotte Klint was the daughter of the company's founder, Tage Klint. She had a great passion for folding lampshades, something she had learned in her childhood along with her siblings, but she never designed any lamps for Le Klint herself. The name Le, which was rather unusual for the time, was from Kaare Klint's first wife, who was christened Magdalene, but who was always known as Le. She died of the Spanish flu in 1918 at the young age of 31. When Tage Klint had a daughter some years later, he chose to keep the name Le in the family and later also in the company name, Le Klint.

When she was 23 years old, Lise Le Charlotte was hired as the manager of the Le Klint shop in Copenhagen. She also participated in trade fairs and decided early on to travel to Stockholm. When Tage Klint died in 1953 and her brother, Jan Klint, took over management of the company, Lise Le Charlotte was ousted from the family business. This resulted in some public writings and disagreements within the family. Lise Le Charlotte Klint kept on folding artistic creations throughout her life, and a memoir was published in 1999 describing her version of her childhood in the Klint family.