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New Le Klint Brand Store in Odense

Le Klint was founded in 1943 and we opened our first store in Copenhagen in the same year. Now almost 80 years later, we have found the perfect location for a store in Odense.

Come along to Oluf Bagers Plads 2 on 30 September at 12:00, when we will officially open the new LE KLINT Brand Store in Odense. Throughout the whole opening weekend, you will be able to experience our unique craftsmanship up close, because one of our production folding technicians will visit the store.

It’s no coincidence that Oluf Bagers Plads will be the location of our Le Klint Brand Store in Odense. Oluf Bagers Plads is helping to regenerate Odense city centre. The square forms a gateway between the city’s historic district and a thriving new city district with green areas, sustainable buildings, and a new light rail.


“We open a new store about every 80 years'' said Le Klint CEO, Kim Weckstrøm Jensen with a glint in his eye.

''We had been looking into opening a Le Klint Brand Store in Odense for a long time. Even though everyone in Denmark is used to shopping online, it is still very important there are physical stores. The building on Oluf Bagers Plads is the perfect place for Le Klint and we are very happy to be moving into this unique building, which is based on historic origins, without trying to look old-fashioned..”.

The new Le Klint Brand Store is located just opposite the new H.C. Andersens Hus building, in the centre of the new Odeon district. The store is part of a beautiful building that is worth visiting in its own right.

We look forward to welcoming you to the store, where you can explore the history of Le Klint, and experience up close the unique craftsmanship that creates the lamps.

Opening Hours:

Monday Closed
Tuesday - Friday 10-17.30
Friday 10-18
Saturday 10-16
Sunday Closed

Adresse: Oluf Bagers Plads 2, 5000 Odense C