Kim Weckstrøm Jensen

Le Klint has always been a part of Kim Weckstrøm Jensen's life. His father was the company's first sales manager, and Le Klintlamps were thus a part of his childhood home in Værløse.

As a young man, Kim began his career in the military, a place he felt at home. But Kim had inherited a wanderlust and an attraction towards nature from his Finnish mother, so when the opportunity presented itself in 1986 for him to try something new and become a ski instructor in Norway, he jumped at the chance. Kim later ended up running the skiing centre in Norway, and some of the NATO defensive alliance's most elite commandos were trained in the region he worked in. Based on his history in the military, Kim was given permission to participate in training courses concurrently with his work that qualified him to become an instructor for the soldiers and to teach them about primitive winter survival in the fells. In 1995 he broke his back in an accident while riding out in the fells, forcing him to change the course of his career. Kim subsequently became a sales consultant for the furniture industry and later a sales manager for the Norwegian furniture company Stokke. As a part of a planned generational change in Le Klint, Kim was brought home from Norway at the end of the 90s and started as export manager.

A dramatic fire in 2001 meant that Le Klint had a need for new energy. Kim was thus employed as the director and had to build the company back up from scratch, but a new organisational structure needed to be developed too. As a breath of fresh air, Kim launched ambitious and modern initiatives to turn the company around, and over the following years there was a focus on product development as well as new design collaborations with younger talents in design as well as foreign designers aimed at safely carrying Le Klint into the next century.

Given his background, Kim Weckstrøm Jensen is perhaps not your typical director, but his many years in Norway have shaped who he is as a person, and he still draws on nature to recharge and find solutions for difficult situations.

Kim Weckstrøm Jensen celebrated his 25th anniversary at Le Klint on the 26th of August 2023.