Annette is another one of our talented production staff.

Annette’s primary task is to make the scissors lamps. She basically can help to produce most types of lamps if required, including the glass lamps, but if she could personally choose her personal favourite it would have to be the scissors lamps.

No two days are exactly the same for Annette. Her tasks vary from day to day and even after 26 years, Annette feels that there are many interesting things to do at work every day.

It is important for Annette that she makes a product that she is first and foremost personally satisfied with and it also has to be a product that customers are satisfied with. Annette never stops working on a task until it is completely finished.

Nevertheless, Annette is an outgoing, social person who can talk with anyone and always finds time for her colleagues if or when they need her.


"I think we work well together and this company is good at arranging trips to exciting places. You can express your opinion and no one browbeats you".

Says Anette

Annette’s career with Le Klint started by chance – she became acquainted with the manager of the Pleating Studio years earlier, at the nursery both their children attended.

Annette was dissatisfied with her current job at the time but with some help from Dorthe Kasper, she became a full time employee in the production department and that is where she started working with the scissors lamps  

Even though it was such a long time ago, Annette can still recall that she immediately felt that she belonged here.


''I could sense that there was always a good atmosphere, which there still is today, and it was very obvious that people loved what they were doing''

Says Anette

Throughout this time, there has only been two directors.

This has not affected her very much, because she primarily reports to the production manager if any problems arise. However, there has been one significant change. The earlier director Kurt, would provide vitamin pills for the entire staff, every day, but the current director Kim, prefers to provide breakfast rolls, Danish pastries and other tasty snacks.’’ 

Annette hopes that the new generation of employees can carry on the great Le Klint team spirit in production and also socially. ‘’This is best achieved by approaching everything with an open mind, says Annette, being patient and inquisitive. It is also a good idea to work in different departments before you find your speciality.’’

Annette isn’t slow to do a little marketing for Le Klint, when it comes to friends and acquaintances. She has her own personal slogan - “Buy Danish! Buy Le Klint!”        

Tekst: Jonas Cramer Krogsøe