Danny is one of Le Klints many production employees.

Danny’s duties includes ensuring that the Pleating Technicians receive their lampshade materials and preparing the designers’ drawings ready for production in the machines.

When Danny sends a message, the message is signed: “Danny Operative Technician”. he simply takes pride in doing his job.

Danny always has a lot of work to do when he arrives at 07:00.

The embossing department is Danny and he must always ensure that there is sufficient materials for the Pleating Studio.

It is crucial that the Pleating Technicians have the necessary folding and pleating materials at the beginning of each working day. So Danny must follow the production plans precisely…  but at the same time, he must always be ready, to adapt on to to any immediate changes to the original plans.

Even though you might think this could be too much for one man, Danny does not get stressed out about it.

’'Being the only person in the embossing department is an advantage because as long as I make sure that the Pleating Studio gets the lampshade material it needs, then I do not have to have my boss or other employees “prodding him in the back”

Of course, like all of the other production employees, Danny reports to a production manager and is also under the command and supervision of the Pleating Studio’s manager

But for Danny, Le Klint is more than work.

Danny and his colleagues have a great relationship. In fact, Danny emphasises that his colleagues at Le Klint are the best colleagues he has ever worked with. Danny firmly believes that like him, every one of his colleagues take pride in what they do at Le Klint. Like the others, he is extremely proud of the beautiful and unique designs of Le Klint lamps.


"It’s great working with material that is both old and new. You just can’t get machines to do the work that the Pleating Technicians do. I think it’s terrific being part of the process of creating craftsmanship in Denmark that can’t be created anywhere else.''

Danny believes that a Le Klint lamp is more than a lamp that lights a room, because among other things, it takes more than three years to learn how to fold the prefect lampshade. The folding technique is an education in itself and you do not see that kind of learning process in other companies in Denmark.

Danny plans to be a part of Le Klints production for many years to come. But he also hopes that new employees will always join the company. Danny’s advice to any new employee is to listen to the older, more experienced Pleating Technicians, and just as importantly, provide your own input so that there is always new thinking involved in the development of the lamps.

Danny believes that if you think working at Le Klint is worthwhile, then you should put the extra effort in and in that way, you may end up working here your whole life.  

Tekst: Jonas Cramer Krogsøe