This is Heidi, one of the many employees who work in LE KLINT’s machine department. Heidi is 58 years old and has worked at Le Klint for 29 years.

Heidi’s work involves working with the other machine personnel to produce different lamps.

Basically, Heidi can produce most of the lamp models but as the years have progressed, she has found she prefers making a specific type. Heidi’s favourite lamp is the Model 306.


''It represents excellent traditional Danish craftsmanship, which I can easily spend a couple of days on producing,''

Heidi and her production colleagues start work at 07:00 and go home at 15:20. Heidi’s tasks vary a lot during the working day and every day is different. And this is precisely why Heidi still thinks it is exciting to work at Le Klints machine department, because new types of models are produced all of the time. But the “great traditional models that I love” as Heidi puts it, are still made as well.

Heidi started out as a qualified stores assistant but because of poor working conditions at the time, children and other factors, she decided to seek new challenges. She took a one-year CNC training course and found a work placement at Le Klint, which became a fulltime job. After 29 years working at Le Klint, she does not regret her decision to join the company.

People like to say that Le Klint is much more than light. “For me, Le Klint is about taking pride in the work with traditional and new craftsmanship. I’m proud of our products because they are unique. They are found nowhere else,” explains Heidi.

Tekst: Jonas Cramer Krogsøe