Mette is one of our Master Pleaters who does most of the sewing of the lamp shades in the Pleating Studio.

Mette usually starts her working day making Swirl lamps and then Lamella lamps, if time permits.

Mette’s speciality and favourite work activity is sewing.  After 90 minutes of just pleating, she then goes over to the swing area. Usually there are a great number of orders that require sewing the same day they are pleated, but once this is done, Mette can then make a choice from the shelves of what she would like to work on next.

Mette has worked more than 37.5 years as a sewer. She spent her first six months working in the lighting workshop where she fitted lamp bases, assembled frames and carried out other tasks, but working as a sewer became her main occupation at Le Klint.

Mette started working here straight out of secondary school. Le Klints then director, asked the young Mette to keep her options open for furthering her education because he could not guarantee there would be enough work, to keep her employed in her position. After all these years, Mette still loves coming to work.


“When you have no formal qualifications like me, working at Le Klint is a great workplace because you are not working on an assembly line and there is a lot of freedom,”

While Mette loves to sew, she also enjoys the great working relationships she has built with her colleagues. She describes this as a “big plus” one of the reasons she has never bothered to seek work elsewhere.

If Mette had to give any advice to future trainee sewers or Pleating Technicians, it would be that they must first, be patient and approach everything one step at a time.


“Some people believe that they can do it all on the first day, but it takes several years to master this job.”

Says Mette

Mette hopes that the next generation of sewers and Pleating Technicians will maintain this type of craftsmanship here at LE KLINT and they must of course work at the company for as long as she has or maybe even longer.  

Tekst: Jonas Cramer Krogsøe