Anna is one of our youngest Pleating Technician.

She has trained in our Pleating studio for more than 3 years to become a qualified Pleating Technician.

Anna also helps to prepare the many lampshade sheets for sewing before they are made and then sent out for quality checking. Her afternoons in the pleating studio are mostly spent producing her favourite lamp, the popular Lamella designs Anna is very proud at becoming a qualified Pleating Technician here at Le Klint.

Anna is proud to be one of Le Klints pleating Tecnician, as she says:


''Producing Danish design is fun, and I like the fact that the lamps are hand-folded and hand pleated  then ends up as lighting in people’s homes. In that way, I’m very proud of my craftsmanship''

Anna knew about Le Klint from her childhood. Her parents always had Le Klint lamps hanging in different rooms in their home. When Anna completed her education as a visual merchandiser, she applied for jobs where she could use her creative skills and eventually the memory of Le Klint lamps at home led to her application at Le Klint.


''Because I grew up with Le Klint in the past, I thought it would be interesting to come here and try to fold and really use my creative skills”

says Anna. 

Og derfor er det hyppigt brugt blandt produktionsfolk men i
særdeleshed hos foldepigerne, han det det "tålmodighed", og dette ord
bruger Anna også år skal rådgive nye medarbejdere.

Et ord som gentagelse er hyppigt brugt blandt produktionsfolk men i særdeleshed hos foldepigerne er det ordet "tålmodighed", og dette ord bruger Anna også når hun skal rådgive nye medarbejdere.


"Patience is important when you are learning to fold, sew and pleat Le Klint designs because the process cannot be rushed, it takes time to learn. I can certainly see myself working here for the rest of my career."

Tekst: Jonas Cramer Krogsøe.