This is Kent.

Kent has a son, and he works in our engineering sector of the production here at Le Klint.

Kent is responsible for the manual engineering and drawings  of our lamps. 3D software allows him to create bespoke parts and components especially for Le Klint lamps, right down to the tiniest of details, to equip the production staff with the necessary tools for making the various lamps and lampshades.

Most of the machines operates automatically, allowing Kent more time to examine the various drawings and prints of 3D model parts that has been produced to help give clarity with the assembling of each lamp.

When Kent started at Le Klint, there were not a lot of drawings to base production on… But today, every single detail is drawn and a 3D model of them can be produced. This factor alone demonstrates how far Le Klint engineering has developed in the last 13 years.

Even after so many years, Kent still loves working at Le Klint.

This is because he has bonded with his colleagues and there is a great positive atmosphere throughout the company.

Kent believes that Le Klint has a great approach to work, with space for everyone.   


"You don’t feel that you’re worn out by the work, which might be the case at other places. It’s not that we don’t do anything, but things are done here at a tempo where you can keep up, in contrast to other production companies where everything has to be done yesterday".

For Kent, it isn’t just the work that is important… he always looks forward to the Christmas parties. “It's always great fun and no two Christmas parties are the same.” 

Over time, Le Klint has become a kind of identity for Kent. Among friends and acquaintances outside of work, he is often referred to as “Kent from Le Klint”.  ( ‘kendte’ means famous in Danish and the pronunciation is the same as the name Kent)

Whenever he hears this phrase, he gets a sense of pride. “When your workplace is a great place to work, you speak well of it and people pick up on that.” As the years have gone by, Kent has become excellent at producing the perfect lamp and he can still remember his first task when by accident, he made a brass lamp that was 1.5 kg heavier than it should have been. “It’s a funny story. I can still talk about it and have a good laugh about it today,” says Kent.

Kent believes that when new people join the company, they immediately sense the special atmosphere which is perhaps lacking at other workplaces and thus you can quickly become pleased to be working at Le Klint. This is also why Kent believes he will work at Le Klint until he retires.            

‘’I am proud to work at a company where the focus is much more than light and lamp designs and this is precisely why I am pleased to be identified as “Kent from Le Klint”.