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Blind Jonas Sees Light


"It has been a great pleasure having Jonas Cramer Krogsøe working here at Le Klint as an intern. Take a moment and read his personal report below"


CEO, Kim Weckstroem Jensen

Courage for challenges

My name is Jonas Cramer Krogsøe. I am a 23 year old, who was born with no sight.

Despite being blind, I have lots of go-for-it attitude and like everyone else, I want to show people what I can do. At the moment, I am an intern gaining work experience at Le Klint - the infamous designer lamp manufacturer. I have been here now almost 14 days and soon I would have been shown around the entire company

I spent my first week in the Production Department and the Pleating Studio, working alongside the Pleating Technicians and production staff. I have tried many different physical tasks, from hand folding Angels, to cardboard box folding, sealing bags, operating various stapling machines and much more.

I am now working in the Head Office, where all daily communications takes place. I assist the administration staff with all the communication and administrative duties, that helps to ensure the company functions smoothly.

I should add, that I have also been working alongside the Director, seated directly inside his office, where I have participated in internal meetings and also a few zoom meetings.

Why am I, a blind person, working as an intern at a lighting company, when I obviously cannot see light? Well, that is because Le Klint is much more than light. Le Klint has excellent folding techniques, excellent communications skills and Le Klint is a company that has a great culture.

A warm Welcome!

The director greeted me with an outgoing and open manner from day one, as did his staff. I have a really good impression of Le Klint as a company, because everyone here, has contributed in helping me gain a realistic impression, of daily life at Le Klint, both in production and administration.

I now know that light is just a small part of the company. Design and the way the lampshades are folded and pleated, plays a very important role in winning customers.

Cross-pleating is one of the crucial factors, in making a Le Klint lamp attractive to look at, even when it is switched on. At the same time, the quality has to be original and long-lasting. Every single lamp has to last for years. The design of Le Klint lamps, means the lamps are more than just light - the lamps are more than just lamps.

Le Klint is much more than light...​

Le Klint is quality mixed with new and traditional materials.
When it comes to high quality design, development is important. Le Klint constantly find new ways for customers to experience the pleated materials in a new and modern way, while at the same time, the company loves and still produces the traditional popular lamps.

It is also important for the company, that it is not just the lamp’s light that is the main focus - the lamp as a whole is crucial. As one Le Klint employee said: “For me, it is important that the lamps also radiates beautiful craftsmanship, even when they are switched off.”

Communication is everywhere and everyone is included.
Each single challenge is considered and there is always a perfect solution, just as with communication between employees and management. Everything is considered and everyone is heard.

One employee expressed satisfaction working for a company with a family feel, because it meant that everyone enjoyed coming together for an event, like the recent celebration of their anniversary. There is always a good atmosphere and disagreements never result in bad feelings. Every person feels welcome and every single idea is welcomed.

At Le Klint, they talk to each other. It doesn’t matter if you are one of the pleating technicians, a metal worker or you are part of the top management team working with the director. Communication is everywhere and everyone is included.