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Perhaps you remember this lamp from when it was featured on the popular Danish TV design programme “Danmarks næste klassiker”? In the programme, the participating designers were asked to create original designs, including a lamp that could hang over a dining table.

Designer Rikke Frost created a lamp with both well-known and re-imagined elements, showing great respect for the Danish craft of pleating, which has a long and rich tradition in Denmark.

The lamp has now been refined

The lamp that was originally shown in “Danmarks næste klassiker” was in fact the first prototype. Since then, our product development team has upgraded all of the functional and production aspects.


”Rikke Frost states: “With only three weeks to create a new table lamp, I quickly thought of paper as the obvious material of choice. The idea on being able to spread the light through a closed folded “paper ball” evolved quickly on my drawing board. I sent Le Klint the most minimalistic sketch I had ever sent to a potential partner. Luckily, they took the concept and developed the lamp. Opening and closing the lamp was very problematic but the shape fixtures and patterns of the folds were retained; resulting in something that had a more untraditional look.”

says Rikke Frost.

Elegant and exclusive look

With its beautiful details and recognisable cross-pleating, the lamp exudes both elegance and exclusivity. Caleo is Latin for “to emphasise”, which refers to the bronze stringing, that emphasises the lamp’s cross-pleating even when the lamp is switched off. The stringing helps to give the lamp a detailed look and emphasis on craftsmanship.

As the lamp was being designed, new ideas were also developed. Small and medium-sized cone-shaped pendants with the pattern and stringing are retained in the new lamps with the stringing cross pleats patterns evolved into the Caleo series. 

Inspiring collaboration

For Rikke, it has been a creative and learning process. Le Klints CEO, Kim Weckstrøm Jensen, says that collaborating with Rikke has been highly satisfying; Rikke has an eye for original design and innovative idea that suits any lamp producer’s tradition for craftsmanship and high quality. 


To be able to work with Danish brand Le Klint, which produces such high-quality craftsmanship in Denmark, has in every aspect been an amazing process for me as a designer, and I hope that we can collaborate on many more exciting projects in the future,.

says Rikke Frost

  • Le Klint 123 Caleo 1

    Design Rikke Frost 2019

    Le Klint 123 Caleo 1

    From € 569

  • Le Klint 124 Caleo 2

    Design Rikke Frost 2019

    Le Klint 124 Caleo 2

    From € 935

  • Le Klint 125 Caleo 3

    Design Rikke Frost 2019

    Le Klint 125 Caleo 3

    € 1.059

  • Le Klint 126 Caleo Original

    Design Rikke Frost 2019

    Le Klint 126 Caleo Original

    € 1.988