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Le Klints next classic

Rikke Frost accompanied by CEO, Kim Weckstrøm Jensen, and Caleo.

Did you watch the culture show on DR1, "Denmark's next classic"? It was less than a fortnight ago that the designer, Rikke Frost, had the honour of becoming the overall winner of DR1's culture show "Denmark's next classic". We helped Rikke along the way with one of the six challenges of the program, which was the task of creating a beautiful table lamp. 

Our encounter with Rikke has resulted in an exciting collaboration, which means that she will have significant input on the shaping of LE KLINT's next classic. Viewers could follow Rikke on TV as she created a classic, but reimagined lamp. In September, the lamp from the show will be introduced, with some adjustments, as a lamp line that has been named "Caleo". The name comes from Latin and means "to highlight", which refers to the lamps beautiful browned upstrokes, which were hand-crafted. 

Reinterpretating the folding technique

Rikke has reinterpretated how folding is done with the lamp from the program. The characteristic feature of the lamp is that the pattern has been rotated 90 degrees, while the pleats have been put together in a new way. Our CEO, Kim Weckstrøm Jensen, says that it was a pleasure to follow the TV program "Denmark's next classic". 


"It was impressive to see what was accomplished within the short time available." It was stated in the program that the contestants had three weeks to complete the challenge, but the reality was that it was four business days prior to the week leading up to Christmas, at which point the Christmas holiday started. We're professional nerds, so of course we would have liked to have had more time overall in the program for us to focus on the craftsmanship. It was a pleasure to see, however, how much good craftsmanship can be found in Denmark – in spite of all that. We almost need to travel to Poland in order to see Danish craftsmanship these days''

says Kim Weckstrøm Jensen. 

Our design coordinator at Le Klint, Sinja Svarrer Damkjær, and the designer, Rikke Frost, are at work on the technical details.

A minimalist sketch became a TV lamp

In addition to her participation in "Denmark's next classic", Rikke has participated in a number of exhibitions at home and abroad. She has won several design awards, including Boligmagasinet's Design Award as the reader favourite of 2012 with her rocking chair "Sway". On normal days she works in her own company, "Rikke Frost Design", and her collaborators include companies such as Tempur, Skagerak, Cane-Line, Warm Nordic and more, and now also Le Klint.


"My collaboration with Le Klint on the design for the lamp for the TV show "Denmark's next classic" was really instructive, challenging and fun. I have never before been able to send such a minimalist and simple sketch to a potential collaborator, who then dared seize the opportunity and work on the idea in the way Le Klint has done here. It has been an incredibly creative process, which has really whetted the appetite for further collaboration in the future,"

explains Rikke Frost. 

Designer and winner of "Denmark's next classic", Rikke Frost, shows off the Caleo lamp. Note the lamp's beautiful brown upstrokes, which have been hand-drawn.

An ideal collaboration

The collaboration was meant to be, as Rikke's innovative ideas support the lamp producer's traditions of craftsmanship and high quality. 


''Rikke is really talented. She has an eye for the original design and a good sense of tactile properties, so I am very pleased with this collaboration – we are certain that this is only the beginning, the beginning of something new and exciting''

says Kim Weckstrøm Jensen.