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Passion for craftsmanship and design


''Le Klint is all about "Made in Denmark", craftsmanship and design. 

These types of stories we really would like to focus on in the future. We will be telling many stories about passion within Le Klint, our staff, our team but also, ever so often, the little stories we find along the way.

Today we are introducing you to Palle Würtz from That Do Wood. So, join us on this amazing journey of passion for craftsmanship passion for design Made In Denmark,''

says CEO at Le Klint, Kim Weckstrøm Jensen.

A young war veteran with PTSD lives off his passion for Danish craftsmanship and design.


''A few years ago while visiting customers with my Nordic Sales Manager Thorbjørn, we stopped at a lighting shop in Holstebro, where it wasn’t  the lighting that caught my eye but a beautiful table, made out of a rough piece of natural wood. The simplicity and everything within it brought me right back to my Nordic background. I absolutely fell in love with it and then I was told the story about how it was made by this young guy called Palle who is also an army veteran. I bought the table, I still have it and I love it every day. We have kept in contact over the last 2 years and we have found out that we share a strong common interest. Passion for craftsmanship and passion for design''

says CEO at Le Klint, Kim Weckstrøm Jensen.

In an old farmhouse in Western Jutland in Holstebro, planing, sanding, and polishing take place.

Not once but Twice, Palle Würtz has served his country out in Afghanistan. Since returning from Afghanistan it has been a daily struggle to get through each day. On both occasions, he had to lead a team of soldiers on the front lines. Unfortunately, he has returned home with invisible scars. Being diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress, has not stop this war hero from finding a way to keeping himself in good stead.

Regained the sense of life's value.

Palle now has his own company called That Wood Do, located in Holstebro Denmark. Both he and his small team, some who are also veterans and facing similar traumas, creates beautifully handcrafted bespoke wooden furniture.

The war veteran hopes that by being open about his experiences, he can shed light on and articulate mental illness, thus contributing to breaking down the taboo surrounding it. At the same time, he wishes to assist others in the same situation as himself.