Hurricane Victims

It all started in 2012 one evening at home, when I saw on the news how Hurricane Sandy destroyed parts of Jamaica, especially the road that led to the mountain villages and where my mother was born. I immediately knew I had to do something to help and then decided to donate my fees for designing the Christmas heart to help. 

These villages were cut off from the rest of the country: no food medical help or aid could reach the people for a long while and they still have a limited supply of clean water. People had to cross the Rio Grande River by foot, whether high or low tide and trek through the jungles of John Crow and Blue Mountain to buy food. Today they still have no medical aid in that area and the nearest hospital is 1hour 30 minutes away because of the bad road conditions. 

I decided to contact, the education offices Port Antonio Jamaica, to inform them that The Love & Light Project, together with Your Donations, would like to supply two schools and a kinder-garden with teaching aids and basic educational tools. Reading and writing books, pens, pencils, a laptop, toys and more.

The mountain village of Comfort Castle has 1000 residents alone. The schools and most homes are still in need of repairs but I chose to give immediate attention to the schools. I strongly believe and I sure you would also agree with me, that every child especially from ages 3 to 12 years and their teachers, should have a stable educational platform for the betterment of each child’s future, which also involves a positive daily routine, ‘equipped’ with the basic necessities every school should have.