Columbian Christmas Surprize Project 

Why San Basilio de Palenque

Like all the other causes in the past The Love & Light Project reached out to this community because it simply touched my heart.

I believed this village was a perfect candidate to receive a donation from The Love & Light Project.

It is amazing that an African village in Latin America, 150 km away from any modern day facility, such as a shop pharmacy a doctor a hospital or even a fast food stand, can still manage to survive and sustain their language, culture and their heritage, outside of the continent of Africa.

The residents of San Basilio de Palenque instil joy passion and pride into their children, while teaching them sustainability, being one and respectful of nature by way of recycling, upscaling old things into new and that a positive future is inevitable, if they continue to be good boys and girls in school.

Storytelling music and dance are major influences of the educational system in this village. They focus on values such as, respect kindness and consideration for others, as being more important in life, than having the latest gadgets…

However, a gift is always welcomed and enthusiastically accepted.

Appreciation for life health and the basic necessities can help make tomorrow a better brighter day. The Love & Light Project’s quest for 2019 was to bring some Christmas cheer to this community, making sure that every child present, did not leave empty handed. 

San Basilio De Palenque has a very relevant and positive message for us all ... Never judge a book by its cover, be happy and grateful regardless of the cards that life has dealt you because you never know who is watching and what changes that can bring.