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Donut - Now also in brass

Pendel / Model 195 - now also in brass

The lamp is widely known simply as “Donut”. The designer Lise Navne was inspired by the round shape of a doughnut when she created the original version of the lamp.

The lamp is now available in two sizes – small (Ø47 cm) and large (Ø53 cm), with a hand-folded lampshade. It is completely closed in the top and bottom with a highly polished steel plate; in the latest versions the metal details are made from brushed brass. 

This provides an attractive finish to the very complex pleating.

Our hand-folded pleated lampshades are more contemporary than ever and with Donut, designer Lise Navne has taken this hand-folded craftsmanship to heart and developed contemporary lamps with a clear link to the company’s historical and evolving DNA.

Lise Navne’s Donut version has taken cross pleating to its absolute limits. Donut is named after its shape, a ring with a hole in the centre and the cross pleating follows the ring, which makes the lampshade one of the most complicated and time consuming to make in the entire collection.

It is also fascinating and interesting to know that after nearly 80 years since the architect Kaare Klint created her famous cross pleated model The Lantern, contemporary designers continue to develop and design lampshades based on the same principles and folding techniques.

Donut is available in two sizes with folded shades, metalparts in brass.

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