Totally burnt out

When I received the shocking news that a fire had totally burnt the apartment of one of the kindest and most generous people, I have ever had the privilege to meet, my immediate thought was of the safety of this single father and his children. Fortunately, it all happened while the kids were at school and he was at work. 

Faulty wiring caused him to lose everything. The situation made him go into a depressed state for a while.

Later, he went on to tell me how devasted he was but grateful that his children were safe. He had found refuge with friends until he found a new home but all his special memories from his homeland in South Africa were destroyed especially irreplaceable items from his elderly mother who was now deceased. 

The Love & Light Project among others came to his rescue, as we all knew he was on minimum wage.

Furniture was donated and The Love & Light Project made sure that he could have light again with some beautiful designs from Le Klint collections.

Sometimes, a helping hand is most needed right on our doorstep and I am so happy that with your help we could. Please continue to buy a Seasonal Fold to continue to help those in need.