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Le Klint 130 Bouquet 1

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Le Klint 130 Bouquet 1

From € 299


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Made in Odense

Only the best materials

The paper

Our paper has a beautiful tactile look and feel. The paper is made in Germany by a supplier that produces paper in accordance with stringent standards with regard to the means of production and paper quality.

Standard foil

The standard foil has a very white and clean appearance. The material is made in Europe from a special lampshade foil (hard PVC). The material is UV resistant, fire retardant, and has an antistatic surface.

The craftsmanship of folding

We take pride in having retained the old craft of folding lampshades in Odense. Folding lampshades is a difficult craft to learn, and it takes several years for the skilful folding technicians to master all our models.


We utilise wooden components for several of our lamps, which are supplied by Danish partners, primarily on Funen and in Jutland. Wood may have different colours and structures, as trees have different growth periods. The grains and colours are the result of the tree’s surroundings, the environment, the point in time when tree was felled and from which part of the trunk the wood is taken from.


Our glass is sourced from European glassworks that use hand blown glass. Hand blowing gives the glass a unique living structure, which may include "waves" and small air bubbles in the glass. We obviously work to a very high standard of quality, but we regard these small details in the glass as the glassblower's personal touch and thus a part of the craftsmanship.

The details

The production of each lamp is carefully monitored in order to catch any potential flaws in the material or errors made during the folding process. Once a lampshade has been folded and sown, it is sent to the quality control department, where the lamp undergoes a final check by turning, rotating, and carefully examining it one last time before it is packaged.


Most of the metal components are produced by ourselves or by our Danish suppliers, with set requirements regarding the production conditions and the materials used. In order to protect the metal surfaces, visible brass and aluminium parts are coated. This also means that customers don't have to polish or clean the brass parts of a LE KLINT lamp.

Meet the designer

Designed by Sinja Svarrer Damkjær

Civil engineer,1982

Sinja Svarrer Damkjær attained her Masters degree in Engineering at Aalborg University, specialising in industrial design. She graduated in 2007. Sinja Svarrer Damkjær's 2007 remake, inspired by spring flowers, is the latest launch, as a new line of lighting from Le Klint. The original Bouquet Chandelier idea came to Sinja, while she was on a study trip in Italy. The Bouquet is a symbolic memory of the designer's observation while watching flower handlers in an Italian market.

Le Klint was established in 1943 and has since been one of the country's foremost ambassadors for Danish design and craftsmanship

Kim Weckstrøm Jensen

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